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Nishimura Ayano, wrote about “World record that Japanese hip hop unit made”

Japanese hip hop unit “Greeeen”  made a world record of that number of download. Their song “Kiseki” is download over a million times which is world record.

<GReeeeN>「キセキ」590万ダウンロードでギネス記録に 「ルーキーズ」主題歌

This is a picture of CD jacket “Kiseki”. I like this song. I think the popularity of drama “Rookies” helps the sales of this song. This drama based on a manga “Rookies”. In a country side of Japan, high school boys were boring and they behaved bad. However a teacher Mr Kawatou changed them. He had a passion, he really wanted his students to find what they can try hard. It was baseball. Kawatou made a baseball team and made them join it. At first, students were not interested in Kawatou, but his passion made them change. 

I am not interested in baseball, but still now I like this drama. The song “Kiseki” remainds me how good was drama.

In Japan there are 2 theory of hit songs that is thema of drama or movie. The other is easy to sing. Japanese people love Karaoke. They go karaoke usually after drinking. They sing a song with everyone there. The song should be easy to sing.

“Kiseki” has both 2 theories, no song could be better than thissong.


Case of Ashikaga

I’m really sorry for him Mr Sugaya, and amazed that he had been in jail for 17 years.

Because of that DNA test was wrong, a man who is not guilt for the case had been caught.

I can’t imagine if I were in jail, I would not forgive people who said I am criminal.

The justice can make people both happy and sad, so they should be careful when they judge.

“Otaku” culture

I didn’t know word ” otaku ” is made in Japan, I thought it is relate

to maniac. I read it in Japanese and English.  It was interesting that

there are more detiles of “otaku” in English. Many exanples and most thing is that how the people who is not Japanese image of Otaku.

There is topic “in Japan” it couldn’t write by Japanese I think.

I have  found that Kochi is good place but no excitment, but other people from Kochi, for them maybe they find a lot of funny things.

I want to be a person who can make myself  happy anywhere.

I should be something Otaku!

Judge system

It will start in next month, the “Sainbanninn” system. I disagree this system. It won’t work in Japan I think. I heard in America there is a sort of this system and this is as a base of “Saibanninn” system.

In Japan, suspect can have 3 trial, and Saibanninn people could just join in the first one. It can be the result will reverse in second or third trial. Does justice really need opinion of Saibanninn people? They can’t go work while they are in a trial, how do you think of it?

Voice Of McDonald’s


This is a contest of McDonald’s stuff, but in Japan, any one

can have test of it even they are not McDonald’s stuff.

Just today, it entry test was held in Kochi, and I had one.

I love to sing I think this is good chance for me !

I hope I could pass….

Golf is not a sports for Old man

I used to think golf is not a sport for young, but he changed

this. Ryo Ishikawa is now playing in Japanese major league of golf.

When he was 15, he won a KSB cup playing with pro golf

players though, he was amateur. That was the youngest

who won the KSB cup.  Then many women love him, me too.

I hope he will win this tournament.

Traveling Okinawa,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/lang,en/

I love Okinawa soooooo much!

In that HP they introduce Okinawa, not just a traveling place but also

history there. For example do you guys know “Himeyuri”?

There is sad story of second world war, Okinawa is only the place

where American army and Japanese one fight in Japan.

There are also many things to fan, I love Classical dance ” 

”エイサー” I hope you will be interested in traveling in Okinawa.

Banana University

Here is a URL of Banana University.

This HP is about Banana (Of course!)

I used to hate Banana, but I became to like banana because

I’m trying Banana diet. There are some recipies of banana,

You will be surprised that they fry banana!!!

Pets injure yourself?

It is said that in U.S. , about 240 Americans are injured by their cat or dog and taken to emergency room.There are more numbers of people who is injured by their pets.

It is often happen to have be scratched or fall when you have pets, it’s a kind of child care, child are innocence to hurt somebody, but child will love you in no return, and you will, I think.

Twins Chimpanzee

Hi! everyone, the rainy season is coming. It’s going to be hard to come school on time, isn’t it?

I get a lovely news that in Noichi which is in Kochi, there is a big wonderful zoo.  Now twin chimpanzees were bone, and the zoo look for person who gives names of baby chimpanzees.

If I could, I give them name ….Ron-ron and Tyan-tyan.